Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica Headed To The exA-Arcadia

arcadehero September 26, 2021 0
Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica Headed To The exA-Arcadia

We’ve got yet another exA-Arcadia announcement to start the week off, with this one certainly coming with a big impact for arcades in Japan. For us Westerners, I imagine that most interest will be found among collectors, but perhaps some locations where bullet hell shmups have a home.

Designed by Team Shanghai Alice (main team member Zun is ex-Taito), there have been 18 titles in the series up to this point, with Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unconnected Marketeers launching in May of the year. This website explains much more about the series, but if you’re still unsure as to what they are, they are “danmaku” (aka bullet hell shoot ’em ups) titles designed by one person. Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about the series, other than it seems to have a strong fan following, with most of it’s recognition being found in Japan. Still, it’s a multi-million dollar juggernaut, so this is quite the news and the “get” for exA. Here’s some gameplay of the title mentioned above:

Now, exA-Arcadia is adding a Touhou Project game to their roster Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica. Here’s the announcement trailer; Details on this haven’t been released yet, but the game will launch sometime next year.

I am curious how many here in the West would be interested in this one, although from what I know, this one is going to be a big deal in Japan, possible as big or greater as DoDonPachi EXA.

What do you think about this addition to arcades and the exA roster?

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