Today In Pinball: Jurassic Park Pin; Scorbit Achievements; Celts Update From Haggis Pinball

arcadehero October 12, 2021 0
Today In Pinball: Jurassic Park Pin; Scorbit Achievements; Celts Update From Haggis Pinball

For whatever reason, there have been a few news releases on pinball, so I’ll take the liberty of combining them all into one post. This covers three different companies, so “letsa go!”

Stern Pinball Announces Jurassic Park Pin

When I first saw the email about this, I thought that it was just going to be another re-issue of the commercial version, but as it turns out, Stern hired star pinball streamer Jack Danger to come up with a new layout from what Keith Elwin did on the coin-op models. It ends up having a very different flow, from the looks of it, and it appears to have shifted the focus from rescuing the park employees to “evacuating the dinosaurs.” The game trailer is below, while the longer features trailer can be seen here.

Scorbit Achievements

I mentioned this the other day on Newsbytes, and today we have a quick video from Scorbit that details the new achievements system that they have in place, along with the partnership between them and Jersey Jack Pinball. This will roll out for all JJP machines, but interestingly enough, they mention that other manufacturers can join in too (probably dropping a hint for the likes of American and Spooky Pinball…

Celts Update From Haggis Pinball

For those interested in Haggis Pinball’s new Celts pinball machine, they have begun shipping units. They also have been experiencing pandemic/lockdown-related delays, along with the problems that involve skyrocketing shipping costs.

That’s all for now – I have seen American Pinball posting some videos to YouTube, but it’s all been about tech support/repairs. As of this moment, there are only two pinball companies on the IAAPA 2021 floor map – Stern and Chicago Gaming, with the others looking at Pinball Expo to make a bigger splash it seems – which is understandable from the perspective of saving on costs (tradeshows are not cheap, especially with shipping costs and delays being what they are right now), but unfortunate for those who can only attend one of these kinds of events.

To end this off, here’s a Spooky Pinball-related video for you, since we’re talking about pretty much everyone today. I recently got to play Total Nuclear Annihilation and it’s a lot of fun…tough though!

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