Stern Pinball Unveils Details on Rush

arcadehero January 4, 2022 1

Well, it’s a busy day all of the sudden! First was news of Sega shipping Mission: Impossible Arcade machines and now we have the details revealed on Stern’s latest piece, Rush. This game is in production now, with the focus on LE & Premium models first, Pro details coming later. Here’s the trio of cabinets next to each other:

Now for the playfields. Just by a quick look, they are pretty close to each other – both have three flippers, three pop bumpers and that ramp with the Time Machine ball lock in the middle, but the Premium has the machine working with a motorized ramp, a “Clockwork Angels Clock” on the mid-left, a “ball lock post system, capable of staging 2 pinballs between main power scoop and side scoop subway,” a “secret double up-post ball lock hidden behind a bank of 3 musical instrument drop targets starts timed lock towards Freewill Multiball,”  an extra wire ramp that is accessed through an up-kicker on the upper left, and a few other minor changes. All of those details for those interested can be accessed via the Features Matrix PDF; For the playfield below, click to enlarge:

Per the website description, the game is made to recreate the energy of a live Rush concert, which is what they have done with most of their music themes:

Stern’s Rush pinball machines, reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live Rush concert.  In this epic music pinball adventure, players will travel with Rush through time.  Immersed in exclusive Rush concert footage and guided by custom speech from Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and fellow Canadian Rock Hall of Famer, Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, players will experience Rush and their iconic music as never before.  This Rush pinball concert under glass features sixteen iconic songs, accentuated by sound and lighting effects.  Songs include Headlong FightFar CryOne Little VictoryWorking Man2112Tom SawyerThe Spirit of RadioFreewillCygnus X-1 (Book One: The Voyage and Book Two: Hemispheres)The Big Money, SubdivisionsLimelightFly By NightLa Villa StrangiatoBastille Day, and Red Barchetta.

Here’s the promo trailer that they put out this morning:

What do you think about this one? Instant buy or not your theme?

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  1. Steffen January 5, 2022 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    Thanks to the theme it’s an easy pass for me. Another theme for old men who want to relive their rock ‘n’ roll days. But it will surely look good next to the Harley Davidson in the garage.

    That being said the design itself actually looks good. I also like how complete the Pro looks yet again compared to the more expensive models. John Borg has also done it yet again. His last design TMNT also was great regarding completeness of the Pro model.

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