Dave & Busters Brings Top Gun: Maverick To Their VR Platform

arcadehero June 7, 2022 2
Dave & Busters Brings Top Gun: Maverick To Their VR Platform

(H/T to Kevin Williams for the tip)

I was recently asked on Twitter if we could expect to see a Top Gun: Maverick arcade game any time soon, and in my response, I did forget about VR platforms like the one that Dave & Busters has. If you’ve been to a Dave & Busters in recent years then you’ve likely seen these; They seat four people at once on a motion base and pre-pandemic, they were able to offer frequent game updates. The reason I kind of forgot about it is that the last time we reported about a new game for the platform was back in 2019 when they launched a Men-In-Black VR experience. As such, it wasn’t clear if they were going to pick that idea back up but with today’s news, it looks like VR’s back on the menu, boys.

The movie shouldn’t need any introduction; I did see it last week and was blown away as it’s definitely the perfect kind of movie to see in theaters (I can’t remember watching the original in full; last time I might have been exposed to it would’ve been the late 80s/early 90s, so I was going into it almost blind). When action movies are perfect for theaters though, they tend to be very adaptable for arcades. Alas, this is not a dedicated arcade game, and I’m not sure what has become of all these games that have been released for this platform once their time is up (including Star Trek, Jurassic World, and some dragon game).

This small page touts the new release, developed in conjunction with VRStudios, while there’s a news article here from someone sharing impressions after playing it. Have you played it yet? Would you like to see Top Gun show up as a non-VR arcade game? Given that Sega Amusements and Paramount have been working together recently, that could happen I imagine, particularly given the history there with Sega’s AfterBurner. Speaking of Sega, they just launched their new video basketball arcade game, All Star Basketball.


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