Touch Magix Adds Multiplayer Linked Play To SpaceWarp 66

arcadehero June 20, 2022 0

I’ve been sitting on this one for a little bit but with some additional info, I’m happy to run it now.

Touch Magix has released a new software update for their popular game, SpaceWarp 66, that adds an interesting feature that’s rare to find in videmption games – linked multiplayer. While it’s true that redemption games often work with what is called banking – where several units of the same type are placed next to each other but the gameplay doesn’t change when people play at the same time (excepting perhaps the linked jackpot) – that isn’t true multiplayer, like you see in an arcade game.

Now, players can essentially race against each other on SpaceWarp 66, allowing any location with two units to link them together. This works whether the game is set up for redemption play or amusement play. Here are some screenshots of the multiplayer in action; This also isn’t’ the final update for the game so it may be interesting to see what else is added to the game in the future. For footage of v3.3, click here (I haven’t added v4 yet but I also don’t have 2 cabs to take advantage of this anyways).

Here’s a press release to accompany the news, along with some details for interested ops to grab the update

Say hello to multiplayer gaming with SpaceWarp 66 v4.0

The latest Link Play update to SpaceWarp 66 enables 2  players to play at a time

TouchMagix, creators of new-age arcade games in the US, are known for some of the finest, never-seen-before gaming experiences for the family audience. They have released an exciting update for their ever popular space adventure game, SpaceWarp 66.

In the latest software upgrade, individual players have the option to play in multiplayer mode with 2 people playing at the same time. Multiple cabinets at the same FEC location can now be linked using a network cable, and players can compete against each other in a live and exciting space adventure challenge. For those with existing Spacewarp 66 game, they can buy the upgrade kits to make the networking provision and update the software for free.

Anup Tapadia, CTO at TouchMagix commented, “Update v4.0 makes SpaceWarp 66 a true-blue family entertainer with its link and play mode. Multiple players see a mirrored map of the game on their respective screens, and we expect things to get extremely competitive and doubly fun.”

Operators can contact their local distributor directly through or send an email to <sales at touchmagix dot com> to avail the FREE software update to their existing cabinets.

About TouchMagix®

TouchMagix is a manufacturer of new-age and never-seen-before coin-operated redemption games in the USA, with a world-class R&D facility in Pune, India. These games are skill-based, highly addictive and have high repeat value leading to proven ROI for operators worldwide. TouchMagix’s latest line-up of arcade games includes: Carnival Cups, SpaceWarp 66, Drift ‘N’ Thrift, Dicey Jump, Hop N Stack and MagixFloor.

TouchMagix also offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall. TouchMagix has also partnered with Brunswick® to introduce Spark® technology, the industry’s first immersive and interactive scoring experience, that revolutionises the on-lane projection experience in bowling.


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