The Big Buck Hunter Championship XV Taking Place On Oct. 14th & 15th In Chicago

arcadehero August 24, 2022 0
The Big Buck Hunter Championship XV Taking Place On Oct. 14th & 15th In Chicago

Big Buck Hunter fans are soon going to be getting together for another annual tournament and once again the prize pool is huge and the arcade goodness will abound. The Big Buck World Championship XV will be taking place in Chicago, IL at Joe’s Live on October 14th & 15th. Players interested in landing a spot on the tournament ladder should be competing on any live-connected Big Buck Hunter Reloaded machine, where the qualifiers for that end in just a couple of weeks. While the main focus is on Play Mechanix’s Big Buck Hunter Reloaded game, other arcade games will be around too, as mentioned in this trailer:

The official BBH account also recently did a livestream on Facebook, which I’m sure was replete with many more details but I have not had a chance to watch it yet.

Part of this is to make the event more family-friendly, which it hasn’t been in the past thanks to the fact that Big Buck is a bit of a bar game and these events always take place in said bars. As announced in the trailer and on Big Buck’s social media, they are holding their first ever “Young Buck Hunters” tournament for 13-17 year olds:


It appears they will be trying to limit the alcohol parts to the VIP Lounges and keeping the family arcade area separate from that. Which exact games coming to this arcade area aren’t specified, however, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the new Fast & Furious game will be there.

Any readers out there qualified to attend?

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