Sega Announces IAAPA Expo Europe 2022 Line-Up With New Games

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It’s September which means we’re going to start seeing more arcade & amusement expos, which should mean a little more news than we’ve received throughout the summer. We’ll start with the biggest event for the month – IAAPA Expo Europe 2022. In the run-up to this event, Sega Amusements issued a press release to highlight the new games they are showcasing for the event:

Solar System – This space-themed redemption game is the newest one of the bunch. Deals with marbles (marble drop/pusher).

AR Darts – The SMARTS Darts system will be there, an augmented reality (although I see it more as Mixed Reality due to projection mapping) dart system. I wrote about this when the partnership was announced back at Bowl Expo 2022. This is available now but it’s a bit of a different beast so I’m not sure how distributors are approaching it other than I haven’t seen it listed yet.


VRAgent – Sega’s VR arcade piece will be getting another showcase, although it should be the production model with two stations instead of the single I’ve seen at other tradeshows:

ShipWreck 3-player – This pirate-themed game developed by Play Mechanix is getting a release – this was first shown at IAAPA last year but apart from a single-player version appearing at Amusement Expo, nothing else had been mentioned about it. The game is being produced by ICE here in the States and Sega represents ICE over in the UK/EU, thus explaining why this one is there. It’s a ball toss game where you need to get 4 balls in a row to win tickets. Here’s an early version of the game as filmed by one of our advertisers:

Here’s the full press release if you need those details:


Operators looking to discover new possibilities cannot afford to miss our booths 518 & 617 at IAAPA Expo Europe from 15th to 18th September at London ExCel. Our booth will be packed with brand new top performing games and experiences.

Making its worldwide debut will be Shipwreck, a 3-player skill-based redemption game from leading redemption manufacturer ICE. The simple and intuitive gameplay sees players toss the balls in the grid to get four in a row to win the big super bonus. The impressive pirate-themed cabinet features individual seats, beautiful artwork, and lighting from top to bottom. Shipwreck joins the hugely popular carnival skill wall games such as Down the Clown, Milk Jug Toss and others.

Also making its worldwide debut is Solar System, a brand new 2-player redemption game that takes the classic fun of a marble-drop game into another dimension. Players drop ‘extra-terrestrial’ marbles down the playfield to push ticket discs off the play area and win corresponding ticket values. Insanely fun mini games keep the players engaged throughout the game. Designed with the operator in mind, marbles and ticket tokens always stay in the game, thus making Solar System very easy to operate.

We are excited to announce that we will also be exhibiting Augmented Reality Darts from leaders in competitive social gaming 501 Entertainment. This ground-breaking new experiential product is opening the classic darts game to a new and much wider audience than before. The ultra-bright laser projector superimposes stunning gameplay animations and scores over the dart board and surrounding area creating a fun and cool immersive experience.

A must-experience game at the show will be VR Agent, a true attendant-free, coin-operated VR game that brings the best of arcade shooting in the highly immersive VR format. The “hybrid” controller seamlessly combines the headset and gun controller in one unit, thus making the players intuitively place the controller next to their eyes to be transported into the action-packed game. The auto-deployment system that lowers and retracts the controller dramatically increases VR games throughput like never before. The highly interactive and deeply immersive VR gameplay delivers a multidimensional experience that demands attention from all the senses.

Our booths will also feature big, licenced products with massive family appeal, such as Monopoly Roll & Go, Jumanji, Men In Black and Mission Impossible Arcade. And don’t miss the next generation of basketball with Allstars video Basketball. We hope to see you at the show!

For further information contact SEGA Amusements International on +44 (0)208 391 8090 / +1 847-364-9787;




  1. Danthrax September 14, 2022 at 8:06 am - Reply

    Hi, didn’t VR Agent ship back in March this year? And whatever happened to Sega’s Jumanji, did that ever ship?

    • arcadehero September 19, 2022 at 9:59 am - Reply

      Yep, VRA has been out for a few months. Jumanji also started shipping in the Spring and it was at the show

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