Polycade Launches New Games To Their Platform, STRIPES and Tanuki Sunset

arcadehero September 14, 2022 0

It has been a little while since we’ve mentioned Polycade, a curated multi-game digital distribution service that exists for both residential and commercial use. If you aren’t familiar with them, their main website is here and I filmed their booth at IAAPA 2019:

Today we have some news about them, as they have new content for Polycade owners to purchase. The first is a raccoon skateboarding game called Tanuki Sunset, designed by Rewind Games. It is currently available through the Polycade portal for $14.99; Here’s a trailer from the Steam/PC version:

Polycade is also running an eSports tournament for the game called the End Of Summer Run 2022, which ends on October 19th; That same day, they will begin a live tournament which is being held at the Pinball Expo 2022 event in Illinois:

Speaking of that Pinball Expo tournament, visitors to the Polycade booth will be able to participate in a tournament on Atari’s Missile Command Recharged. In both cases of these games, there are prizes to be won:

New Game For Polycade – STRIPES

Up to this point, all of the content on Polycade has been curated from services like Steam but now there is a title available where it is exclusively available on Polycade until next month – a puzzle game called STRIPES. Developed in conjunction with Mega Cats Studio, players try and create the largest stripe possible on the playfield to get the biggest score they can. Here’s a flyer:

It reminds me of Pipe Dream on the NES, although it’s hard to judge without seeing it in motion. This title is available on the Polycade store for only $5 and it is a timed exclusive; It will launch to Steam, GOG and “maybe the Atari VCS” sometime next month. Also, since they are holding tournaments at Pinball Expo, there’s a STRIPES tournament taking place then as well:

There may also be some news on more Polycade models coming around soon, so stay tuned there. What are your thoughts on these new developments for the platform?



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