New Teasers For Sega’s Drone Racing Genesis & Storm Rider 2

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New Teasers For Sega’s Drone Racing Genesis & Storm Rider 2

Sega Amusements has published two teaser videos for their upcoming racing video arcade games, Drone Racing Genesis and Storm Rider 2. Let’s watch, then discuss!

SEGA Amusements presents you with a brand-new entertainment concept with Drone Racing Genesis. A unique and thrilling racing experience for visitors at FEC’s and arcades. Drone Racing is a rapidly growing sport and a worldwide phenomenon. The game play is fun and exciting! With the casual and core player in mind, this game is easy to grasp but hard to master. The four race locations are visually stunning and highly immersive. To get a podium finish players must race to the finish line, collect ‘battery charge’ to give their drone a boost and zoom past their rivals.

Storm Rider 2 is a new motion-based motorbike racing game for arcades and FEC’s so, riders start your engines! The impressive two player cabinet with futuristic bikes and impressive fully lit billboard captures players attention at any location. The motion delivers an unprecedented immersive racing experience. Combined with stunning graphics produced by the Unreal Engine and Boost function players will experience blazing fast speeds. The game uses advance AI making the game play ideal for casual and core gamers. The 4 thrilling racetracks take players across various locations with spectacular sceneries. Players can compete in single player campaign or challenge your friends in epic four bike multiplayer race. The unique bike upgrade system plus three bikes and three characters, encourages players to play again and again.

UPDATE: Sega has released a cabinet render for SR2

Starting with DRG, we already knew about the 4 tracks but now we see it in action; 60fps and quite colorful. Hitting the rings isn’t essential by the looks of it, although the better you can manage that, the better you’ll race, I imagine. The description as quoted mentions a game page but none is linked and Sega’s website doesn’t have it listed at this exact moment, but it sounds like it could pop up at any time. I don’t notice anything about combat so what the trigger does on the joystick is still a mystery (triggers the boost, perhaps? Or maybe that’s the thumb button while the trigger is the ‘gas?’)

On Storm Rider 2, this one has been developed by 3MindWave (ATV Slam, VR Agent) and has a strong Speed Rider vibe to it. Lots of over-the-top action with tricks & jumps. Speed Rider and the original Storm Rider were developed by IGS – it’s unknown if 3MW brought on any staff from IGS to work on this one. This one is definitely aiming for the Super Bikes 3 market although it’s unknown how many bikes/rider you can choose from. It comes with half the tracks as SB3, however SB3 did mirror 4 of its tracks, as I recall.

Both of these games will be at IAAPA 2022 here in two weeks, where I’ll get a chance to film and play them. Got questions about them that you want answered? Let me know!

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  1. Bret Bernhoft November 30, 2022 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    That Storm Rider 2 game looks amazing. It also looks like something I would have played as a kid, in the sense of having a late 90’s appeal. I’m glad to see that coin operated video games haven’t changed too much over the past 25 years.

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