QB Throwdown By Bay Tek Spotted On Test

arcadehero January 17, 2023 0

[Thanks Mr. M for sending in these pics; Please note that this is about a game that is on location test. It might not be released or it might change significantly from what is shown here when it hits final production. thus don’t make a final judgment yet!]

Last year reader Jdevy found a trademark filing for a new game from Bay Tek Entertainment that was called QB Throwdown. We had assumed that it might show up at IAAPA 2022 but it did not, and since prototype games often come and go, I kind of forgot about it. That changed when I received a couple of pics of this game the other day, with it on test. It wasn’t stated where the game is at although Bay Tek usually tests pieces in their home state of Wisconsin (maybe IL once in a blue moon).

As you can tell from the name, it is an American football game. If it releases, this would make it the second such themed game that we’ve seen in recent times, the other one being Football Frenzy VR by VRStudios. Also since I’m discussing it here, it does have a video component to it. Let’s take a peek:

QB Touchdown prototype by Bay Tek GamesAs is obvious from that, it’s a ball toss video game, likely focused on ticket redemption. I would assume that players take on the role of a quarterback, however it likely would be rapid paced compared to the real game. This is also apparent as it supports two players which puts it into a similar place as Blox Breaker and Zombie Smasher by Adrenaline Amusements. The balls might be RFID tagged but from this there’s no way to tell.

QB Throwdown prototypeFrom this second shot we can see that it is in a rather large cabinet, as tall as ICE’s Monopoly Roll-N-Go, with the balls themselves also appearing to be the same size as a real football. It also uses an HD projector, just like Bay Tek’s first version of Connect4Hoops. That isn’t surprising as it wouldn’t be good to be throwing something of that size (and a sort of pointy end) at a screen, even with a protective layer of plexi in front.

Perhaps this game will show up at Amusement Expo at the end of March – either way what do you think about it from these pics?

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