Play Mechanix & Chicago Gaming Company Team Up For Pulp Fiction Pinball

arcadehero March 9, 2023 0
Play Mechanix & Chicago Gaming Company Team Up For Pulp Fiction Pinball

UPDATE: Full game reveal is found here

No, it’s not April Fools (yet) and in case you are not content as a pinball fan to have the Foo Fighters (Stern), The Godfather (Jersey Jack), and Galactic Tank Force (American), video arcade game developer Play Mechanix and pinball producer Chicago Gaming Company have teamed up to bring a Quentin Tarantino film to the ball bashing biz in Pulp Fiction.

We don’t have much to go on at the moment apart from this teaser trailer – I do not know yet if more of a video reveal will happen sooner than this but Chicago Gaming (their website is “updating” at the moment) and Play Mechanix are both going to Amusement Expo at the end of this month so I’d give it a 99.9% chance of showing up there (I have reached out to contacts to confirm and will update this space one I hear something). Play Mechanix has sort of worked on pinball before, such as with Big Buck Hunter pinball, and they are based out of Chicago, which is pinball-land. But this would mark the first-first time they are directly involved in the game’s design/creation, in some way.

At least from the silhouette we can see it’ll have a topper, or at least the Limited Edition will. This is also designed by Mark Ritchie, who has a long history of pin designs, although it has been a while since his name was attached to one.

What are your thoughts/hopes for this one?

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