Andamiro Pulls The Curtain Back On Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix

arcadehero May 10, 2023 0
Andamiro Pulls The Curtain Back On Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix

(Thanks to ted and nsm on the Arcade Heroes Discord server for the tips)

It’s been a spell since we had some news on Andamiro’s most prominent video game, Pump It Up – in fact, it’s been four years since the last iteration of the gamePump It Up XX, was released. The pandemic slammed the brakes on PIU development rather hard, I recall hearing rumors at IAAPA 2021 that PIU was done for. Ultimately those rumors proved vaporous, although one could be forgiven in finding some truth to them since software & song updates had come to a halt for a time.

A little while ago, Andamiro teased the next version of the game and today, we have a real look at it thanks to this  detailed trailer (they call it a 2nd teaser but I’ll call it a trailer). It comes with scoring changes, a Premium mode, new K-Pop & original songs; I also imagine that the “Phoenix” in the title is a little wink at the rumors:

For those over in South Korea attending the Play X4 event, they can get a chance to try it out. I won’t really expect it to be playable in the states until the end of this year (Andamiro USA usually waits until IAAPA in November to show these things off), but they can always break from tradition. So far, they haven’t unveiled a new cabinet for  it, but such a thing could be unveiled down the road. Another nice thing about every PIU release is that they are made in kit form, so you don’t have to invest in a whole new cabinet every time they launch a new game.

Are you a PIU fan? Do you like what you see?

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