Re-spotted on Test: Hyper Cross

arcadehero June 22, 2023 0

Disclaimer: The game discussed in this article is a prototype which has been seen on location test. This means that the final production model will likely change OR it might not even be released at all. As such, reserve your final judgments for later.

Bowl Expo is next week where there will be a some new arcade pieces to discuss but one that (probably) won’t be there, at least according to Sega’s Bowl Expo news release, is a game we heard about on test in the UK this past February called Hyper Cross.

Thanks to Kevin Williams, we have some pics from Hyper Cross on test at Gravity in London. There’s one new detail we find out from this, the global ranking system that uses QR codes, but otherwise I’m not sure if much has changed between this and when it was at the Airport Bowl (also in the UK). I’ve not heard of this being tested in the US yet, but with Sega behind the testing, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere else at the moment.

UDPATE: I received word that Hyper Cross is indeed on test here in the States – you can find it at the Dave & Busters in Addison, IL. If you do come across it, let me know – but you also might want to keep your eyes peeled for a non-Sega game that is also on test there (again, let me know when you see it 😀 )

If you had missed it, here’s the trailer for the game:

I also assume that this won’t be at Bowl Expo as Sega is still heavily promoting two other racers at the moment – Drone Racing Genesis and Storm Rider 2 – while also selling Jet Blaster and ATV Slam to make it four. If it’s doing well on test, then I imagine we’ll see it around IAAPA time.

Speaking of Bowl Expo, stay tuned for a preview of that event, coming soon.

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