Touch Magix To Launch MagixPool At Bowl Expo 2023

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Bowl Expo is this week (technically it started yesterday in Orlando but it was just meetings – the trade show proper starts on Wednesday) and with that comenew products from the arcade industry. I’ll have a preview up tomorrow but before that is a new product announcement – particularly from our friends and sponsors at Touch Magix, a Mixed Reality system they are calling MagixPool.

For those unfamiliar with Touch Magix by name, you might be familiar with their products, as it has become relatively easy to encounter their games among FECs. In  fact, I was jsut in Las Vegas this past weekend for some vacation time and while wandering the strip, I saw their Carnival Cups game at the front of an arcade space at the MGM Grand. Beyond their videmption content, they got their start in projection mapping; Their first coin-op product was an extension of that called Magix Floor and they’ve done another Mixed Reality concept with the tech to enhance bowling alleys. Now, they have adapted that for pool tables in MagixPool:

With some of those liquid effects, it really does make it seem like a “pool” table 😛

Now to be fair, this is not the first projection mapped pool table system ever seen – we’ve witnessed a couple come along from China over the years, the one in that hyperlink being the earliest example I know of. The main difference I’m noticing from the video above compared to the other ones I’ve seen up to this point is – frame rate. It looks like TM nailed the buttery smooth frame rate you want out of this kind of product, whereas the previous ones were fairly jittery and super laggy. There is still some lag present as you can see above – I don’t think that can be helped – but by keeping the frame rate at a constant 60 or above, it makes up for that. The lag isn’t super important here though, since we’re not talking about a twitch shooter or a fighting game. But by comparing the two systems from the vid above with the link below it, you can see where frame rate matters for arcade quality.

Any how, here’s more details from the official press release, which also states that any pool table can be converted into a MagixPool. I do imagine that ops would want to also make sure that the felt is in new or like-new condition; But I would also be curious to see how the image would look on different felt color surfaces – particularly black. Most out there are green or blue – you can get pretty much any color felt for an extra cost but I imagine that this system would work best on a lighter color.

TouchMagix To Debut MagixPool at the BOWL Expo

Catch them live at the AAMA Game Room 1151 at the Orange County Convention Center, Florida, USA

TouchMagix are global experts, creating never-seen-before arcade games, immersive experiences and interactive display technologies for a worldwide audience. They are launching MagixPool – an Augmented Reality product that converts any legacy pool table into an exciting pool game at the upcoming BOWL Expo.

MagixPool is designed as an all-in-one Plug-n-Play unit to elevate a legacy pool table into a futuristic gaming experience.

Anup Tapadia, Founder and CTO of TouchMagix, commented, “MagixPool is designed to modernize the legacy pool table for the next-generation of users looking for more creative and engaging gaming experiences. We’re thrilled to showcase it for the very first time at this year’s BOWL Expo.”

TouchMagix’s games and experiences will be showcased at the International BOWL Expo, 2023. Check out TouchMagix’s latest portfolio of games at AAMA Game Room 1151 between 28th-29th June, 2023.

Operators can get in touch at for more information about TouchMagix’s offerings.

About TouchMagix®

TouchMagix is a manufacturer of new-age and never-seen-before coin-operated redemption games in the USA, with a world-class R&D facility in Pune, India. These games are skill-based, highly addictive and have high repeat value leading to proven ROI for operators worldwide. TouchMagix’s latest line-up of arcade games includes: Mega Blaster, Carnival Cups, SpaceWarp 66, Drift ‘N’ Thrift, Dicey Jump, Hop N Stack and MagixFloor.

TouchMagix also offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall. TouchMagix has also partnered with Brunswick® to introduce Spark® technology, the industry’s first immersive and interactive scoring experience, that revolutionizes the on-lane projection experience in bowling.


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