Marvelous Announces A Limited Test For Naruto Arcade Battle In The USA

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Marvelous Announces A Limited Test For Naruto Arcade Battle In The USA

Thanks to users on the Arcade Heroes Discord server for bringing this up and linking it

We’ve got a new and unexpected arcade game on test today, one that will appeal to fans of the Japanese manga & anime Naruto.

Naruto Arcade Battle by Marvelous USA

Marvelous USA, has announced a “limited” location test for their new card-based arcade game that they are calling Naruto Arcade Battle. Based upon a game that already exists in China, but has yet to be announced for Japan as of this time, this has been fully translated into English and I’ve been told it may be testing in more than the locations below.

Per the game page, here’s how to play:

  1. Use your tokens/credits to start the game.
  2. Throw a kunai at an on-screen moving target to get a Shinobi Plate.
    If you hit a small target, you’ll get a rare Shinobi Plate.
    Aim carefully!
  3. Form your own team with up to 4 Shinobi Plates and head into battle.
    *You can still begin a battle if you don’t have 4 Shinobi Plates.
  4. During battle, move one of your Shinobi Plates to the center of the screen to attack!

Your Shinobi Plates can unleash a special attack if you win Button Mashing Battle!
If you reduce your enemy’s HP to 0, you win the battle!

This follows the pattern seen in Japanese card battle games and not the arcade card games we’ve seen in the US like Injustice Arcade or Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. Per the translation though, they are calling these Shinobi Plates; There are seven plates available at this test, of which there are two locations on both sides of the country.

Shinobi Plates, Naruto Arcade Battle

One is starting tomorrow at the Round1USA in Puente Hills, CA and goes to Nov. 5th; The 2nd test will be held at Kiddleton in Brooklyn, NY. That will start on Oct. 19th and go through Nov. 12th.

The question I’m wondering about is – if these tests are successful, then what? Marvelous doesn’t have any arcade distribution within the US, although they could certainly achieve that. They also might team up with an existing manufacturer like Raw Thrills, Bandai Namco, or Sega Amusements. Perhaps we will hear something more concrete on that front at IAAPA 2023 but until then, what are your thoughts on this?


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