Wahlap Announces Their IAAPA 2023 Line-up

arcadehero November 2, 2023 1

IAAPA 2023, the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated to out-of-home-amusements, is a little over a week away. As we creep closer to the expo, we’re getting more announcements as to the new arcade pieces that will be there. Here is Wahlap’s line-up, where they will be located at booth #202.

Asphalt Moto Blitz DX

The showcase game of their booth will be the previously announced Asphalt Moto Blitz DX, which is also being distributed in the US via LAI Games. It always is nice to have certain games located at different booths though, in case one has lines. How will it fare against competitors like Super Bikes 3?

Asphalt Moto Blitz DX by Wahlap

Prize Popper

A few IAAPA’s ago, Sega launched a merchandizer redemption game called Shoot It Win It. There, you fired cork bullets at colored targets to try and knock a prize on a shelf down. I can’t recall if that was developed in-house at Sega or if it had been in partnership with a company like Wahlap (who often does work with Sega on certain games). Regardless, Wahlap will debut their own similar game at the show called Prize Popper. This appears to be the same game as Shoot It Win It but comes with a new art package.

Prize Popper by Wahlap

Thunderbolt Shot

Thunderbolt Shot by Wahlap

A “battle ball” game called Thunderbolt Shot will be on hand. This is available over in Asia already, although I’m not aware of it being sold here until now. In the gameplay, players face off against each other, controlling a a mini-ball launcher that you use to shoot the opposing players’ colored balls.  It is not entirely clear how scoring works, so I need to play this one to understand it better.

Additional Games

They will also show a new video basketball game called Alley Oop Blitz and some crane machines. Jump ahead to the latter half of this video to see them:

What do you think about Wahlap’s line up from all of this? Which game looks the most interesting to you?

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  1. Brian November 3, 2023 at 9:35 am - Reply

    If you can get some good play video and comments on the thunderbolt game I would like that

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