IAAPA 2023: Sega Officially Announces Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go!

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IAAPA 2023: Sega Officially Announces Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go!

If you read the preview of Sega’s IAAPA 2023 line-up that was posted yesterday, then you would have noticed a new videmption game in the mix called Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! We had some info to go off of thanks to that full page ad but today, Sega Amusements has rolled out the red carpet to dig a little deeper.

Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! – Cabinet

Let’s start with the game cabinet. Color is what stands out to me on the first glance, although I imagine it will be best to see this one live. There is a 65″ screen but the lanes appear to be backlit art and not projection mapped video. What other lighting effects that might be at play? We’ll have to wait and see.

Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! cabinet by Sega AmusementsThe cabinet also has a six-channel audio system; Ticket dispensers; and a “compact, modular cabinet.” Dimensions are 93x85x81 (HxWxD) or in CM, 237x216x206.

Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! – Gameplay

No gameplay has been shown yet, but it is a “derby-style” game. This means your zombies are racing to the finish line – they move by how well you land the balls into the holes at the end of the lane. It’s not a ball toss game, but a ball roller one (not that people won’t try and throw the balls like it were beer pong).

There are four named zombie characters that players can be: Bubbles, Coco, Dizzy and Smudge. The game also features “live” commentary from the pair you see above, being TV presenter, Ken Chase, and his “crazy Zombie Sidekick, Brian De’ath.”

Here’s some more detail via the email:

Zombies Ready, Deady, Go’s intuitive and fun gameplay sees players help their zombie reach the finish line by skilfully rolling balls into various holes. Each hole will either make their zombie walk, jog, or run. However, in a post-apocalyptic world, zombies must overcome obstacles on the racetrack, including crawling rats, flying bats, and even live wires that can zap them. All these obstacles will slow them down and encourage more frenetic action from the players. In the final sprint, all zombies get a little boost, giving even the unskilled player a chance to get a podium finish. The level of excitement has been raised to a whole new level when the mechanically animated zombie briefly opens its mouth on the playfield, allowing skilled players to win the big-ticket super bonus.

That same email also reports an “outstanding reception” while on location test. Perhaps they’ll share some of that earnings data at the show next week.

Sega has listed ZRDG at their website, here.

What do you think about this one from what they’ve shown?

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