IAAPA 2023: King Kong of Skull Island II Announced

arcadehero November 10, 2023 0
IAAPA 2023: King Kong of Skull Island II Announced

Months ago, we spotted an update to Raw Thrills’ King Kong of Skull Island on test. Since then, we’ve heard nary a word about it, nor another sighting. That changes today as the update will appear at IAAPA 2023 this next week. Let’s see what it is all about:

King Kong II – Hardware Details

This sequel is a major content update that warrants the “II” being added to the title. In addition to the existing 1-3 chapters, II adds 4 & 5 to the mix. It is available as a kit update for existing King Kong machines, while new machine sales will be branded with the II. Kit models will include artwork but there are no changes to the controls:

King Kong II sales sheet

Update: Here’s a clean shot of the cabinet and its new art:

King Kong of Skull Island II cabinet

Note – This is not the only new Raw Thrills game that was announced today.

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King Kong II – Software Details

The two chapters are known as Tri-Trouble and Into the Deep, respectively. Tri-Trouble pits you against tons of dinosaurs, including a T-Rex and a herd of Brachiosaurs;  Into the deep has you facing off against giant sharks and angry squid. Some of those details can be seen in the official trailer for the game:

I don’t have pricing at the moment but it will certainly be known to distributors at IAAPA (or you can drop your salesperson a line already). What do you think about this?

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