Next Up From Spooky Pinball: Looney Tunes & Texas Chainsaw Massacre

arcadehero December 6, 2023 0
Next Up From Spooky Pinball: Looney Tunes & Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Spooky Pinball has announced their next two games which will lead them into 2024: Looney Tunes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As pinball companies often do, the information was released in a staggered way, making this post a little bit of a hodge-podge at first – but it is now focused on the products after their full reveal. Let’s jump in:

Looney Tunes

The arrival of the beloved cartoon series to pinball was first teased in a brief trailer, followed up the next day by this full reveal trailer:

First impression: I really like it. The layout looks like fun, the artwork hits the Looney Tunes vibe, combined with the color scheme. The cliff diverter is something I’ve not seen before in a machine, although I’ve seen things kind of like it.

Here’s pricing – probably a typo on the “Blood Sucker Edition” for Looney Tunes:

This follows their Scooby Doo design – which was announced almost a year ago today.

What do you think about the idea of a Looney Tunes pinball machine? What kind of features and characters would you like it to focus on?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

But that’s not all – by reusing the same design, they also are also producing Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This follows a similar pattern to when they announced Ultraman and Halloween at the same time, which also shared the same layout.

Here’s the trailer for TCM. I have a hunch that they designed this first, then did Looney Tunes afterwards. The trailer is longer with a stronger focus on the source material than they show in Looney Tunes – and Spooky is in their name, so its not a surprise. Also of note, the pricing is exactly the same as LT above.

Which of these games interests you the most?

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