Stern Pinball To Unveil JAWS On Thursday

arcadehero January 2, 2024 0
Stern Pinball To Unveil JAWS On Thursday

Happy New Year everyone – in what has become something of a tradition, our first piece of news for the year comes from Stern Pinball as they are gearing up to unveil their next game, JAWS. While JAWS was originally a novel, no one really knows that, but instead the 1975 Steven Spielberg film that became a cultural icon. The other films though, not so much.

UPDATE: Here’s the info release schedule. It’s a bit staggered, as usual, with gameplay not coming along until Sunday:

There has been a discussion about the game over on Pinside for a few months already. As usual, when rumors start circulating on pins, they tend to be accurate. That said, nothing solid is known about this one yet, so here’s another Stern video about moving that just hit the web to tide you over:

I’ve also added this to our Arcade Releases page for 2024. Thoughts, hopes, and dreams for a JAWS themed pinball game?

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