Super Blaster Now Available; Raw Thrills’ TMNT Arcade Goes Home

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Super Blaster Now Available; Raw Thrills’ TMNT Arcade Goes Home

We have a couple of pieces of arcade news to discuss today, so let’s dive in. First, I’ll discuss the new arcade machine available from Trio-Tech, then we’ll get into the TMNT news.

Super Blaster Now Available

First unveiled at IAAPA 2023, Super Blaster is a cabinet variation of Trio Tech’s QUBE that launched last year. The difference? The cabinet. Super Blaster is open, while QUBE is enclosed. The guns, seats, special effects, and the games are the same. At the moment, five games are available for both; Super Blaster will ship with them.

Here’s the press release:

Attendant-Free Coin-Op Interactive Simulator Set to Ship Globally
Triotech - Press release Triotech is thrilled to announce that its latest innovation, SuperBlaster, is now ready to ship worldwide. Following successful demonstrations at IAAPA Expo in Orlando and EAG in London, the company’s latest attraction will be showcased at DEAL in Dubai and Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas.

SuperBlaster, an attendant-free interactive multiplayer coin-op ride, offers an exceptional guest experience with a diverse content library. With a reported payback of the investment in less than four months, it stands as a must-have addition for FEC and arcade operators.

Ernest Yale, Founder and CEO of Triotech, stated, “We’re thrilled to introduce SuperBlaster – a visually stunning, high-end ride that reflects our dedication to innovation. Through collaboration with customers, distributors, and operators, we’ve crafted a fun multi-player game that will attract players through its open concept. Best of all, it’s attendant-free which makes it perfect for FECs and arcades.

SuperBlaster operates seamlessly without the need for dedicated staff, addressing labor shortages prevalent in the industry. The group-play, combined with an individual scoring system, creates friendly competition among the four players, encouraging repeat rides and ensuring a high return on investment for operators. The product features a 100” 4K projected display, motion seats, wind, blasters, 5.1 surround sound system, Unreal 5 powered experiences for top-notch visuals/graphics, and an expanding content library.

Venue owners and coin-op operators can now secure their SuperBlaster units and elevate their offerings with this groundbreaking attraction.

For more information:

Triotech will be showcasing its new SuperBlaster at DEAL in Dubai at ASI Booth #B89 and at Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas at Booth #404.

TMNT 2018 Arcade Coming Home

In a move that doesn’t surprise me – as I had a strong hunch that this was happening, thanks to a petition that had been out there for this very purpose – Raw Thrills’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game is coming to consoles and PC in April. Branded as Wrath of the Mutants, this contains the original arcade game released back in 2018, while adding new bosses and levels to the mix. It will be available for the PC via Steam; Xbox Series; PlayStation 4 & 5; and Nintendo Switch platforms.

I haven’t seen word on a physical copy release, so we’ll have to wait and see if there might be a limited run on that or not.

In regards to arcade-to-console ports, they are fairly rare these days, but it brings up the question – how long should a manufacturer wait before doing such a port? Seven years seems like a good period to me – although I think that excepting preservation’s sake, there can be some games that don’t need a port. Not everything translates well when crossing platforms and its nice for us arcade operators to have something we can say is exclusive.

What do you think about it all?

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  1. Brian Houck February 27, 2024 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    I think its fine after 7 years for a console port.My complaint is that raw thrills won’t give operators any software updates,For example they released cruisin blast on nintendo switch with a couple new courses why couldn’t they throw the ops a new course also to help promote it all as it happens.Same thing with this tmnt release,How about some “new bosses and levels” for our dedicated machines out in the street at the same time to give us all an update and for the promotion of the console port.Poor marketing and a poor way to take care of ops,Shame on you raw thrills.

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