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GlobalVR unveils Sky Bandits

Shaggy October 16, 2008 2

Way back in March we talked about a press release from a company called Signature Devices where they stated that they had completed work on a “new turret-based, first person shooter arcade action game”

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Webzine looking for dating advice from…Big Buck Hunter Fans!

Shaggy October 15, 2008 0

While most of the time we deal with ‘serious’ news, occasionally we come across something I’d classify as being more light-hearted such as with this call for dating advice from Big Buck Hunter fans.

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A look at Konami's CastleVania Arcade game – from the inside

Shaggy October 14, 2008 0

Ever since I first heard about the new CastleVania arcade title by Konami, I’ve wanted to see more than the outside of the cabinet and finally after a little while of waiting we have

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American Idol Arcade game location testing in Illinois

Shaggy October 12, 2008 0

Well it looks like we can move American Idol from rumor to confirmed at this point – apparently the game is currently being location tested at the Enchanted Castle in Lombard, Illinois and it

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Golden Tee LIVE 2009 ships Monday Oct. 13th

Shaggy October 11, 2008 0

Incredible Technologies has announced that they will begin shipping the latest installment of the Golden Tee series this coming Monday, which is great news for fans of GT who have been waiting patiently for

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Namco creates new group to focus on game development, bring more games overseas

Shaggy October 9, 2008 0

While this news is a couple of days old already, I contacted Frank Cosentino of Namco (who also is the new head of this dept.) about the creation of Namco Amusement USA’s new Product

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News on Tekken 6 – looks like arcade version is superior

Shaggy October 9, 2008 8

The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing right now and there is some arcade-related news to come out of it. Direct from the Stinger Report comes some interesting news about Namco’s Tekken 6

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The Guardian goes to Akihabara

HeavyElectricity October 7, 2008 0

It’s almost time for the Tokyo Games Show, which means that practically everyone that covers the gaming world is set to flock to Japan in search of the latest cool things. UK newspaper The Guardian is

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Rumor: Raw Thrills' bringing 'American Idol' game to arcades

Shaggy October 7, 2008 0

The rumor mill is churning right now but we have another rumor to look at right now in regards to what you might see in the near future from Raw Thrills’. We posted the

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Big Buck Hunter Online Region Qualifying Finalists revealed

Shaggy October 7, 2008 0

Thanks to a link posted in the comments to news on the BBH World Championship, we have a look at those who qualified in the regional tournaments to the game and they will move

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Here's another school project arcade – Bionic Roshamo

Shaggy October 7, 2008 1

We’ve got nothing but love for arcade games that came out of a school project this week. Seriously – if you have one out there then send us a link to info on the

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Another school project arcade game – Starcell XF-1

Shaggy October 5, 2008 3

I’ve stumbled across another homebrew arcade school project and maybe it’s just me but it seems like these are becoming more common lately. This particular project, called Starcell XF-1 is an original game running

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