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BOUND – a co-op touchscreen arcade game

Shaggy September 6, 2008 0

Here is another testament to innovative ideas that can be done better in an arcade format, a game designed by two students for a university project somewhere in Germany I believe (the PC I’m

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DDR:X and Jubeat testing in the US on Sept. 8th

Shaggy September 6, 2008 0

[Thanks to Phil on our forums!] While I wasn’t entirely sure if Konami was going to try and test Jubeat out in the Us, I had hope when I heard that it would be

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Golden Tee Championship at AMOA

Shaggy September 5, 2008 3

I have to hand it to Incredible Technologies, while I’ve heard that not everyone is excited about AMOA next week, they certainly are and they are looking to give attendees a reason to be

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Parse Rorunpe – a broom flying arcade game from Japan

Shaggy September 5, 2008 0

If you’ve ever stuck a broom between your legs as a kid pretending that you’re flying around as a witch then this game’s for you. Of course it wouldn’t take much for someone to

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Need For Speed Underground "as an arcade game" at PAX08, media surprised

Shaggy September 4, 2008 9

[Image via Ars Technica] If anyone wonders why I often harp on arcade developers for not properly marketing their games then here is a shining example. From the blog Ars Technica comes the headline

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Video Review: Namco Classics Collection Vol. 2 UPDATED

Shaggy September 3, 2008 0

Here’s another video review from a game at my arcade, sorry about the delay but I had misplaced my transfer cable but after finding it I’m ready to make videos again. Today we’re looking

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An Infinite combo found in SFIV UPDATED

Shaggy September 2, 2008 1

Well that didn’t take long! An infinite combo has been found in Street Fighter IV, it can be done with the new character El Fuerte where he cancels a standing fierce punch into a

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Need For Speed Carbon dedicated to be at AMOA

Shaggy September 1, 2008 0

I almost forgot to post about this since we already posted about NFS: Carbon going dedicated but it is one game that will be at AMOA next week. From the press release they reveal

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The Retro Remakes 2008 Big Compo looks to make a 'Game For Helen'

Shaggy August 30, 2008 0

One area where arcade titles have tread before is that of making a game that can be played by people who may have a disability that prevents them from enjoying games otherwise. Atari Games

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Coin-Op TV interviews SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono

Shaggy August 29, 2008 0

Coin-Op TV has an interview up with SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono taken from Comic-Con 2008. In it he discusses the effect that the fans had on making the game come together in the first

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Man assaulted over high score on arcade game

Shaggy August 28, 2008 2

Sometimes people need to learn how to chill out, as is the case with this story out of Lancashire, UK. Here’s the story from This Is Lancashire: TWO thugs brutally attacked a young man

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The Stinger Report's Crystal ball returns – top ten anticipated games of 2008/09

Shaggy August 28, 2008 10

About a year ago we had a glimpse into The Stinger Report’s uber crystal ball about future releases and now it’s back to give you their Top Ten Most Anticipated International Arcade Releases for

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