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Castlevania Arcade – Video & Photos

Twisted Supreme November 7, 2008 2

As promised, above the video I got of Castlevania Arcade and below the pictures that I took of Konami’s new game as well as the rest of the Hollywood Bowl arcade, which is a

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Castlevania Arcade – UK Location Test

Twisted Supreme November 6, 2008 0

I doesn’t get any better than this I tell you. I thought I’d swing by the Finchley Hollywood Bowl to play a few games and was extremely pleased to see Castlevania Arcade on test there!

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A little more on Castlevania: The Arcade Game

Shaggy October 23, 2008 0

It will be nice when they develop transporters – then when some new game comes out in Japan I can just head over and give it a hands-on look. Of course so can everyone

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A look at Konami's CastleVania Arcade game – from the inside

Shaggy October 14, 2008 0

Ever since I first heard about the new CastleVania arcade title by Konami, I’ve wanted to see more than the outside of the cabinet and finally after a little while of waiting we have

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The AM show (JAMMA) Mega Preview Post : Elevator Action, Razing Storm, KOFXII, Harley Davidson, CastleVania & more

Shaggy September 18, 2008 3

There is another arcade event about to take place next week and this time it’s in Japan. Known as the AM Show, also called the JAMMA show, it brings with it a lot of

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CastleVania: The Arcade Game

Shaggy July 23, 2008 0

Konami has tested out their new CastleVania: Arcade game in Japan and it is different than the ‘medal’ version I’ve seen on AM-Net – it’s an actual video game. It uses a cabinet similar

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