A little more on Castlevania: The Arcade Game

Shaggy October 23, 2008 0

It will be nice when they develop transporters – then when some new game comes out in Japan I can just head over and give it a hands-on look. Of course so can everyone else at that point but that’s OK. Here is a lucky user that got some hands-on time with Konami’s new arcade installment of CastleVania, the one with the motion whip controllers that make you think of Wiimotes for obvious reasons, and it becomes even more obvious as you read about how the game plays.

From the description they give about the game it sounds a lot like Samurai Warriors Katana for the Wii where there is both slashing and shooting to be had. There is even waggling action where you have to shake Death’s stare off of you.  Enemies that are close you whip to death and those that are far away you shoot by pointing the controller at the screen to aim and then press a button on it to shoot. The game on test was set to a high level difficulty and it didn’t skimp on the monsters which I think is a good thing.

So far all the hands-on reports have been quite positive for CastleVania arcade which is more than could be said of Silent Hill. We still can’t wait to see this thing in motion but even in grainy cell phone camera stills it looks like graphically it holds up well.

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