DDR:X gets some updates, Konami Europe seeks player feedback

Shaggy September 4, 2009 0

Remember those problems with DDR:X that we talked about a little while back? Well it looks like Konami is doing something about it and in particular Konami Europe recently held a private test in

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DDRX cabinets not all they are cracked up to be?

Shaggy July 15, 2009 12

Konami’s most recent arcade release, DDRX is available for purchase and can be found at a number of locations around the US and Europe but how has the game held up to both fan

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DDR X at Japan Expo 2009 in Paris

Shaggy July 9, 2009 0

In case you were wondering what players would think of the new DDR X in Europe, then the recent appearance of the title at the Japan Expo 2009 in Paris France should answer that

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New arcade releases this week: Nirin and Dance Dance Revolution X

Shaggy May 21, 2009 2

My local distributor tells me that two new games are now shipping out to various distributors and thus will be showing up at different locations around the country within the next few weeks. First

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A couple of new flyers: DDRX, DJ Max Technika and Putt Championship Edition

Shaggy April 30, 2009 1

I dropped by my local distributor yesterday and as I was browsing their collection of flyers, I noticed that they had some new ones in stock. I grabbed a few and decided to scan

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Videos from ASI 2009: H2Overdrive, DDRX, R-Tuned, Harley Davidson & more

Shaggy March 16, 2009 2

Here are some videos I took at ASI 2009 last week – it’s not everything I took so expect more within a few days or so, including Justice League, DJ Max Technika, the new

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ASI 2009: Some thoughts before the videos

Shaggy March 14, 2009 0

Well I’m back from Vegas and I’m ready to show off videos of what I saw there! The only problem is that so far my internet connection has not been co-operating with me and

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DDR:X making an appearance at ATEI 09

Shaggy January 17, 2009 1

The ATEI 09 news continues to trickle in, now with news on Konami’s DDR:X machine. According to the press release, the game is slated for a world-wide release in “Spring/Summer 2009” and include the

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Konami Japan launches DDR:X website

Shaggy December 18, 2008 1

The next installment of DDR is coming soon to arcades and with it, websites promoting the game. Konami Japan has upgraded it’s DDR:X site from the teaser with a little bit more info (in

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DDR:X and Jubeat testing in the US on Sept. 8th

Shaggy September 6, 2008 0

[Thanks to Phil on our forums!] While I wasn’t entirely sure if Konami was going to try and test Jubeat out in the Us, I had hope when I heard that it would be

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More DDRX details

Shaggy August 4, 2008 0

BemaniStyle.com has some extra details on Konami’s latest entry in the DDR series, DDRX. Some features the game will include are an eAmusement card reader it also has USB ports and a dial not

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