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The ATEI 09 news continues to trickle in, now with news on Konami’s DDR:X machine. According to the press release, the game is slated for a world-wide release in “Spring/Summer 2009” and include the largest track list for a DDR game ever with 350 songs. It also has been testing very well, despite having incomplete software. Expect to see more on this with our ATEI coverage next week and of course if any of you get a chance to play it at the show, leave some comments here on what your thoughts are about the game. Hit the post break for the press release.

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. Product Press Release – Dance Dance Revolution X (DDR X) – Jan 09

A new revolution is set to take Europe by storm!

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. (Konami) celebrate the 10th anniversary of the DDR series with the launch of Dance Dance Revolution X (DDR X) in the EMEA territory.

Aiming for a truly global release, the brand name has been changed from Dancing Stage to Dance Dance Revolution for this and for all future models.

Set for launch in Spring / Summer 2009 the game is presented in a brand new cabinet, with upgraded hardware including a new 37” widescreen LCD display.

The song list is the bigger than any of the DDR machines released in Europe, bursting with over 350 music tracks, including some of the favourites from previous DDR games as well as numerous new hit licenses.  In addition, there is a host of new features that are sure to thrill the huge existing fan base as well as attracting new players.

The new version has kept many of its original features that made DDR the best amusement dance machine on the market, but with a fresh new cabinet design and some new and exciting surprises, DDR X is set to blast away both existing and new players.

James Anderson, Product Planning Manager of Konami, commented that the initial test figures have shown the machine outperformed the current products on the market, this is very encouraging since the software is not complete at this time.  We anticipate the final version of the software to be even stronger.

For more information on the product come to see the European launch at the Konami booth in ATEI 2009, stand 2140

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Company: Konami Digital Entertainment B.V.

Established in Osaka, Japan in 1969 by Kagemasa Kozuki, Konami is one of the video game industry’s biggest success stories. Konami continues to be recognised as a leader in innovative and entertaining games, and is always looking to the future. Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. is located in Chiswick, London and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Konami Corporation in Japan. Throughout its operations in Europe, Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has been dedicated to meeting the needs of its home markets whilst keeping the global Konami branches in touch with the European Pulse. Global in outlook, at the forefront of information technology and always investing considerably into R&D, it is natural that Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. continues to develop some of the most cutting edge video games for its players. Pan European hits such as Silent Scope and Dancing Stage continue their popularity with new hits arriving all the time.  Konami will continue to keep its eyes open for the future demands of the market and only present products meeting the requirements and wishes of its customers. For more information visit http://www.konami.co.uk

or contact Mr Michael Goodburn – miukgo256634@konami.com (phone: +44(0) 208 987 5733).

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  1. F4LL3N April 27, 2009 at 8:49 am - Reply

    Konami is just trying to save themselves and win over the ITG fanbase. Not going to happen. Not until custom songs are enabled. (Probably not going to happen) ITG became really popular because of
    1. price was affordable
    2. performance of the machine
    3. custom songs
    Price for a REFURBISHED ITG2 Dedicab was $8k
    a New DDR SuperNova cabinet was $17.5k
    Just hilarious.

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