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Pacman Ghost Lamps

Shaggy June 9, 2008 0

One day I’ll have the cash to get all of this arcade game merchandise and furniture that we’ve been seeing lately. That day isn’t today but if it was I would probably pick up

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My arcade opening tomorrow in Utah, The Game Grid Arcade

My arcade opening tomorrow in Utah, The Game Grid Arcade

Shaggy June 9, 2008 15

UPDATE: We have had to move since I did this original post. I currently have a larger location inside the Valley Fair Mall at Suite C128, with many more games, more space and much

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Friday Flashback – Sega Rally Championship

HeavyElectricity May 17, 2008 1

Here’s a little feature concerning older games which I hope to regularly update in weeks to come. Good, bad or ugly – if I find an old game interesting, you can bet it’ll end

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Pac-Man – The Real Story

Shaggy May 4, 2008 0

[Via Kotaku] You have to love it when a T-Shirt design turns into a narrative for what really is going on in Pac-Man’s world. Innocent little guy being chased by ghosts in a maze?

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Dig Dug: The Untold Story by the Duo Group

Shaggy April 26, 2008 0

I saw this linked on the KLOV forums and had to share it. It’s a couple of months old but if you haven’t seen it, it’s rather funny. There is some violence in it

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The Asteroids Lamp

Shaggy April 26, 2008 2

Even though Atari never created many memorable characters they created plenty of icons and symbols that people easily recognize. One of those would be the rocks from Asteroids, which have been brought to the

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What have we been playing…. or not in my case

Twisted Supreme April 10, 2008 0

As you can see Shaggy’s been a busy playing all sorts of great games at ASI, unfortunately I have had very little time to play games or do any posts for the website for

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Awesome 3D arcade game art

Twisted Supreme March 16, 2008 0

[via Technabob] Want to jazz up your game room, then look no further these funky 3D arcade pieces by Melissa Jones. Melissa creates original wood carvings of classic arcade characters, then creates a resin casting

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Help some retro arcade fans out

Twisted Supreme March 11, 2008 1

  A while back I went to Game On at the London Science museum which was a gaming through the ages type exhibition. By far the coolest aspect of this was the fact that there more

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Free haunted Ms Pac Man cabinet anyone?

Twisted Supreme March 11, 2008 18

Normally I wouldn’t think twice about accepting a free arcade cabinet, but after I read this I had to think twice. I don’t totally believe in the whole ghost thing, but why else would

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What have we been playing….

Twisted Supreme March 10, 2008 0

Do you ever get that feeling when you put a new game in your 360 and play it for an hour or so and then regret. Regret it because you wish you’d never put that

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Arcade Exhibit to run in Arizona later this year

Shaggy February 14, 2008 0

If you live in Arizona (particularly in a city called Chandler) and spent some time playing classic arcade and home console games of the 70’s and 80’s, then a historian Jean Reynolds is looking

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