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Big SFIV tourney in Japan with a rumor on SFIV Arcade updates

Shaggy January 21, 2009 0

The console release of Street Fighter IV is fast approaching but in Japan the arcade version is not being completely overshadowed, with a big SFIV “convention” that included a huge arcade competition, a look

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NY Arcade with SFIV and Tekken 6

Shaggy November 27, 2008 4

While arcades in the US with some of the most desired fighters in one place might be rare, they are out there. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report stopped by an arcade in New

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Capcom: No SFIV Arcade for the US

Shaggy November 17, 2008 13

I figure it’s good to get this out of the way before the main page is flooded with IAAPA info.  Capcom has come around and made it official – SFIV will not come to

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Stinger Report Article: Very Large Arcade Show Shakes Consoles Confidence

Shaggy September 23, 2008 1

Here is a new article from our friend Kevin Williams at The Stinger Report, this time discussing the impact of the 46th AM show in Japan and the subsequent flurry of interest that has

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SFIV attracts crowds at SJSU

Shaggy September 16, 2008 5

(Thanks to Slonie for the pic of the location) SFIV continues to attract crowds and as further evidence to that proof here is a story from the Spartan Daily, a newspaper by and for

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Article: The United States of Street Fighter IV

Shaggy September 10, 2008 1

Here is another take on what is going on with SFIV right now by Jared Rea and for those interested he also has some pictures of what some operators are doing with their kits,

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An Infinite combo found in SFIV UPDATED

Shaggy September 2, 2008 1

Well that didn’t take long! An infinite combo has been found in Street Fighter IV, it can be done with the new character El Fuerte where he cancels a standing fierce punch into a

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Coin-Op TV interviews SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono

Shaggy August 29, 2008 0

Coin-Op TV has an interview up with SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono taken from Comic-Con 2008. In it he discusses the effect that the fans had on making the game come together in the first

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MTV brings us Capcom's advice on buying SFIV

Shaggy August 27, 2008 0

The MTV game blog (yeah, they haven’t been just about the music for years) has some advice on buying SFIV if you’re in the market for the game, which boils down to ‘wait for

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A Street Fighter IV Players Guide

Shaggy August 24, 2008 0

If you live within the distance of an arcade that happens to have a Street Fighter IV arcade setup and you want to go in knowing what you’re doing already, then this guide is

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What gives with the consumer game media (an open letter)

Shaggy August 22, 2008 0

Again from our friend Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report, an open letter discussing the issue of the not-so-glowing coverage of the arcade industry in conventional game media: Why dose the consumer game media

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And then, there was magazine coverage

Shaggy August 15, 2008 1

It’s been a while since arcades got a lot of attention that they deserved in mainstream gaming magazines. I have tried to combat that a little through articles I have written for HardCore Gamer

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