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Original Street Fighter IV characters in action

Shaggy February 8, 2008 0

First we had scans and now we have full screen shots of the original Street Fighter characters of how they will appear in the the upcoming arcade game Street Fighter IV. Japanese magazine Famitsu

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Japanese Street Fighter IV site up

Shaggy January 12, 2008 0

Capcom has put up a new Street Fighter IV website in Japanese and so far it’s looking good. There are no new character revelations and I am not sure if there are any screens

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Street Fighter IV confirmed for arcades (again)

Shaggy January 11, 2008 0

Well we already reported this a little while ago through an entry on AM.Net but now the major news source IGN is finally confirming that Street Fighter IV will see an arcade release. No

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Mainstream game rag talks about SFIV, ignores arcade version on purpose

Shaggy January 8, 2008 0

Thanks to The Stinger Report we learn that a certain magazine called Edge is running a feature on the new Street Fighter IV, even gracing the cover with either Ken and Ryu. There’s only

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Street Fighter 4 gameplay video

Shaggy December 29, 2007 0

Via 1up, from the lucky guys who got to go and play the new SFIV. It’s good to see an arcde game getting such a high profile look at it but that’s probably because

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