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1st arcade in US gets SFIV, more to follow

Shaggy August 14, 2008 0

The Super Arcade (pictured to the right, we’ve discussed it before) in California has claimed to be the first arcade in the US to get their hands on Street Fighter IV and with that

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An evening at EVO 2008 Championship Series

Shaggy August 11, 2008 0

The EVO 2008 Championship Series has come and gone, being held in Las Vegas from the 8th-10th and one of our readers, Chris Ainsworth has kindly sent us a link to his page where

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At least a few arcades will have SFIV in the US, how many more are out there?

Shaggy August 4, 2008 0

It seems that despite the fact that Capcom USA has completely dropped the ball on the arcade version Street Fighter IV so far it’s not deterring some operators from getting their hands on the

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SFIV & "The Battle of Destiny: Road to Evolution" Tournament in the UK

Shaggy July 27, 2008 1

A big tournament, known as The Battle Of Destiny: Road to Evolution (the title almost sounds like something from an old rock album) recently took place in the UK, and The Stinger Report was

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Interview with SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono

Shaggy July 23, 2008 0

Nikkei Trendy has an interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono and from what can be understood from the broken translator English, you can see how much of Street Fighter II they are

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SFIV twin player cabinets @ e3, release hits Japan tomorrow

Shaggy July 17, 2008 6

It’s nice to see that there is a small arcade presence at e3 this year, thanks to Capcom bringing the arcade version of the game to the show. It’s still frustrating that no announcement

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The one handed mastery of SFIV; NESYS network supporting SFIV goes live; still no word on a US release

Shaggy July 1, 2008 6

At a recent Capcom press event in Santa Monica, CA, journalists had yet another opportunity to sit down with the arcade version of Street Fighter IV but this time they had an opportunity to

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Street Fighter IV at London's Battle of Destiny

HeavyElectricity June 20, 2008 3

Battle of Destiny is a tournament for the hardcore fighting fans out there – a proving ground in which challengers compete on Hyper Street Fighter 2, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Capcom vs SNK 2

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SFIV Final arcade version @ Captivate 08

Shaggy June 4, 2008 3

Kotaku has posted hands-on impressions of the final arcade version of Street Fighter IV, which was shown off at Captivate ’08, a press event Capcom held in Las Vegas last week. At the very

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New SFIV US site makes no mention of arcade version

Shaggy June 2, 2008 3

The new official US website for Street Fighter IV is up with plenty of information about the but unfortunately as well as was slightly expected since it was not mentioned in the official press

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Poll: Would you rather play Street Fighter IV in arcades or on a console @ home?

Shaggy May 27, 2008 9

It’s pretty straight-forward – where would you like to play Street Fighter IV? At the arcade where you can show off your mad skillz for people to gawk at or at home by yourself

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Vega and M. Bison return in SFIV

Shaggy April 30, 2008 4

[Via AM.Net and Famitsu] It looks like the SFIV character roster continues to expand and with it come some characters that might be an old favorite (or not). In pictures revealed by Famitsu, we

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