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More games from the GTI Asia China Expo 2010

Shaggy September 7, 2010 3

Newsfeed 920 via We finally have an extensive look at what went on at the GTI Asia China Expo 2010 and along with plenty of games came a few surprises. I’m still trying to

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Amusement Expo 2010: Sega booth

Shaggy March 13, 2010 1

Prior to Amusement Expo 2010, one manufacturer we were hearing a lot about was Sega as they threw a few press releases out there regarding some new products they would be showing off at

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Sega announces Amusement Expo line-up: Let's Go Island cabinet, new Hummer and Rambo cabinets

Shaggy March 3, 2010 0

As we soon approach the Amusement Expo next week in Vegas, we are starting to hear about the games we will be seeing there and today Sega unveiled the games that they will feature

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Arcana Heart 3, Tetris Dekaris(Giant Tetris) released in Japan; Tetris at D&B in Illinois

Shaggy December 23, 2009 1

Arcana Heart fans can rejoice as today Examu released the latest version of AH to arcades in Japan, Arcana Heart 3. The game features new characters, new arcana (elemental alignments that determine special moves

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More IAAPA 2009 videos – Tetris Giant, Hummer, Twisted (+ NASCAR 2 news) & more

Shaggy November 22, 2009 9

Here’s some more content from the IAAPA 2009 show. Tetris Giant – We first heard about this interesting new Tetris game a few months ago and while it seemed like the perfect game for

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