Arcana Heart 3, Tetris Dekaris(Giant Tetris) released in Japan; Tetris at D&B in Illinois

Shaggy December 23, 2009 1

Arcana Heart fans can rejoice as today Examu released the latest version of AH to arcades in Japan, Arcana Heart 3. The game features new characters, new arcana (elemental alignments that determine special moves for your characters) and of course, updated graphics. I haven’t seen a price for the game yet on any importing sites but they are listing the game already so I imagine that we’ll know how much it costs soon. As it runs on the ex-Board, it can’t go for all that much, I recall Arcana Heart 2 going for some great prices. For those of us who would like to add a new fighter to their game line-up but can’t afford things like the new BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, this is certainly tempting to pick up. I played Arcana Heart 2 at AMOA 2008 and it was surprisingly fun.

[Via Dengeki Online]

Also we have word that Sega has launched Tetris Dekaris (or as they are calling it here, Tetris Giant) in Japan as well. That means that a US release for this one can’t be far off, as you remember it was at IAAPA 2009. It’s a great game I just don’t think that they should be asking $10,000 for it, because even with huge joysticks and a projector screen, Tetris itself is still one of the most available games out there. Obviously I don’t know what the base cost is for building one of these but I can’t imagine that they are needing to recoup development costs here.

UPDATE: I have been informed that the Dave And Busters in Addison, IL has a Tetris Giant on location. (Thanks Sam!)

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  1. Yeehawmckickass December 28, 2009 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    I just played tetris giant. This really shouldn’t cost more than $5500. I also hope they were going for “kiddie” with this.

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