Sega announces Amusement Expo line-up: Let's Go Island cabinet, new Hummer and Rambo cabinets

Shaggy March 3, 2010 0

As we soon approach the Amusement Expo next week in Vegas, we are starting to hear about the games we will be seeing there and today Sega unveiled the games that they will feature at the show in a press release.I have to say that it looks like Amusement Expo is shaping up to be a great show and I’m looking forward to getting some hands-on time with all of the new offerings.

First off, they will be showing off a Let’s Go Island cabinet for the first time. The cabinet will be shown in only one configuration with the motion base and a 42″ screen. As you can see in the picture, the cabinet is quite different from Let’s Go Island, it’s like a cross between Tetris Giant and Hummer.

Speaking of Hummer (which was released in the standard version last month), they will have a new version of the game to show off there called the “Mini-deluxe” (not unlike GlobalVR’s new mini-deluxe design on Twisted). The mini-deluxe configuration still features two seats but the footprint is smaller than the full deluxe. That should also mean that the price tag will be smaller too, leading to more sales.

In a surprise Sega also has revealed a new configuration of Rambo, with the game coming in a new mid-range cabinet with a 42″ LCD, putting the game in the realm of some other 42″ shooters we’re seeing pop-up out there.

Sega Racing Classic, which will be released this month will also be at the show and we’ll have to see if the software is different from what was shown at IAAPA.

Beyond that the line-up includes games we have already seen or new video redemption items, all of which we’ll get a glimpse at next week. I will be attending the show and capturing video once again (this time with my HD camera that has a much better microphone than what I had to settle with last time), so stay tuned for Arcade Heroes for a look at these and many other games!


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