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Disney offers up a look at ElecTRONica

Shaggy September 2, 2010 2

Newsfeed 917 via In March of this year Disney revealed that they would be recreating Flynn’s Arcade in the Tomorrowland part of their parks and today they offered up some concept art of what

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Ideas for TRON arcade games in modern times

Shaggy July 15, 2010 2

I’ve not made it a secret that I am very excited for the upcoming Disney movie TRON Legacy. Even though the original was not a perfect film, it has always been a favorite of

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Space Paranoids now playable

Shaggy May 6, 2010 7

The arcade game that never was really an arcade game is finally playable, as “Encom” releases Space Paranoids Online. If you are unfamiliar with Space Paranoids then there is another reason to pull out

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Disney to build a Flynn's Arcade at Tomorrow Land; new pics of Flynn's Arcade in TRON Legacy

Shaggy March 4, 2010 0

It seems that news on the new Tron: Legacy movie is rolling out every day this week as part of a build-up to the official trailer release tomorrow and while we are not a

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Flynn's Arcade recreated at Comic-Con with a real Space Paranoids cabinet!

Shaggy July 25, 2009 3

As part of the hype machine that Disney is creating for the new TRON: Legacy film, they reconstructed Flynn’s Arcade, with tons of retro coin-op machines and to my own personal excitement, a working

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Flynn's Arcade Tokens (updated w/ Space Paranoids cab)

Twisted Supreme July 22, 2009 1

As some of you maybe aware there is a sequel on it’s way to the 1982 movie “Tron”. Well it looks like the marketing for the film has now begun with these really neat

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Rifftrax derezzes TRON

Shaggy May 21, 2009 3

Label this under the “somewhat related to arcade games” category but Rifftrax – which is helmed by three former cast members of the hysterically funny show Mystery Science Theater 3000 – has released a

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Peter Hirschberg interviews Tron cabinet designer George Gomez

Shaggy April 7, 2008 0

If you’re a fan of classic arcade gaming you should find this interesting. Peter Hirschberg, the owner of the famous Luna City Arcade which is perhaps the finest home collection of arcades we’ve ever

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Flynn’s Arcade as it is now

Shaggy February 20, 2008 3

I love the movie Tron. Sure it’s far from a perfect film but it’s hard to resist the combination of video games and other computer stuff. In fact it’s Tron that has influenced me

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