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SNES Super Mario Kart on the Force Dynamics 301

Shaggy April 30, 2008 0

While Mario Kart GP marked the arrival of Nintendo’s popular franchise game to the arcade, I honestly have only seen a cabinet once – which was at ASI and it was a GP2 cab.

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Dig Dug: The Untold Story by the Duo Group

Shaggy April 26, 2008 0

I saw this linked on the KLOV forums and had to share it. It’s a couple of months old but if you haven’t seen it, it’s rather funny. There is some violence in it

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Video location review – The Hollywood Connection, West Valley City, UT

Shaggy April 24, 2008 0

So I finally got tired of my crappy DXG digital camera and decided to shell out a little bit of business cash for an HD camcorder. It’s working great so far and is much

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Rochester Game Room Show Coverage

SaraAB87 April 19, 2008 0

I am sorry I am a little late with the coverage but here’s some videos from last week’s Rochester Game Room Show: Overview Part 1 Overview Part 2 Some of the parts that were

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Kid gets stuck inside a crane machine

Shaggy April 19, 2008 0

I’ve seen pictures of this sort of thing happening before but this kid seems a little larger than others I’ve seen crawl into these things. Who knows, maybe the person recording the whole thing

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The top 5 games of arcade champions

Shaggy April 15, 2008 0

While I do try to set some high scores on some classic arcade titles from time to time, I certainly haven’t made it to the level that world record holders for many different classic

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Midwest Gaming Classic 2008 – Arcades & Pins video

Shaggy April 13, 2008 0

Here is a video of a walk through the pinball and arcade area of the Midwest Gaming Classic. The pins definently outnumber the arcades from the looks of it but either way I’m certain

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Atari Star Wars on an oscilloscope

Shaggy April 13, 2008 0

It’s been a long weekend for me (working, not playing) so I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to scour for news but I did come across this youtube video of someone running the

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Golden Tee video from a while back

Shaggy April 1, 2008 0

Here is a video on youtube from a could of years back that gives a good look at the Golden Tee franchise. IT still is a popular game no matter which version you discuss

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Konami's new BeMani Slot – the videos

Shaggy March 28, 2008 0

A short time ago The Stinger Report brought to our attention the new pachislot game based upon Konami’s Beatmania series and now we have videos of the game in action. Thanks to Arcade Renaissance

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Games we're glad to have missed: Tattoo Assassins

Shaggy March 8, 2008 2

So it’s Saturday and naturally the arcade news spigot turns from “trickle” to “off” (or on occasion, “drip”) and it is fun to check out some of the strange things that have come along

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Play Value Redeems itself with new arcade video

Shaggy March 1, 2008 0

Way back in August of last year, ON Networks’ Play Value show ran a video discussing the “Death of the Arcade” and after misrepresenting the industry and putting forth some ridiculous “facts” (such as

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