Video of Samurai Spirits Sen @ GDC08

Shaggy July 4, 2008 2

For as many things as we are able to find out about arcades around the net, sometimes a game or announcement slips under our radar. Fortunately it’s not for forever so you’ll have to forgive us that we bringing this up now but below is a video taken from GDC’08 of the upcoming 3D rendition of Samurai Spirits Sen (or Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny) for arcades. Come to think of it, I believe that we mentioned this one back in February but I admit that I forgot about it until today. It looks bloody awesome (literally) but obviously it is only for venues that can carry red labeled games due to it’s graphic content. I’m not sure when it is supposed to be released or in what regions exactly but where it was shown at GDC, I hope that it would be on the table for an international release this year. The game uses the Taito TypeX2 hardware but whether or not it will live up to the name (as the last effort that this game made into 3D was shunned by many) remains to be seen. Also tacked on is a second video that was on Gametrailers from about the same time as the first. I’ve been so used to sites like GT rarely carrying something arcade related (unless it’s SFIV) that I stopped checking (I used to check it for console stuff but it’s been a while as I just don’t have the time for consoles right now).

Video 1 (user: fabiosantana1)

Video 2 (Longer than the first, user: zakuzaft)

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  1. Dave_K. July 5, 2008 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    So do you need a special license to operate “red label” games in your arcade? Is this a US or JPN thing?

  2. Shaggy July 6, 2008 at 7:54 pm - Reply

    No, I meant was that not every arcade can carry these games more due to their audience than anything else. A redemption heavy facility probably wouldn’t want to carry this but a place like mine could. Sorry about the confusion

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