Another review double feature: Chase HQ2 & 1942

Shaggy July 13, 2008 0

I’ve got another couple of reviews uploaded to the internet, this time Chase HQ2 by Taito and 1942 by Romstar/Capcom. I uploaded the CHQ2 video to Vimeo and 1942 to youtube for the time being and when I get a chance (i.e. more time as it takes a while to upload a 200MB file) I’ll put CHQ2 up on youtube. I did forget to mention one other gripe about Chase HQ2 – the high score entry screen is too difficult for many people to input their names due to over-sensitivity of the wheel. In case anyone at Taito/Namco reads this, it would be really nice if an update was released for the game to address a couple of these issues I bring up, such as fixing the high score thing and adding some more levels to the game which could also round out the difficulty curve for players. I still maintain that it’s a fun game and I’d like to try it linked one day but my budget can’t handle any new game purchases for a while.

Chase HQ2 (to watch it in HD click on that feature while hovering over the video and it should take you to the video page)


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