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Konami thinking of a Dance Masters Arcade machine

Konami thinking of a Dance Masters Arcade machine

arcadehero October 17, 2010 3

From the rumor mill, via comes word that the mind behind Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution series, Naoki Maeda, is considering taking Dance Masters for the Xbox 360 Kinect and giving it the arcade

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Console gaming to invade out-of-home venues with the Game Gate machine

Shaggy January 9, 2009 1

We have been following the efforts of those who have been attempting to bring console gaming back into arcades (you might recall that consoles have been used before in arcades to promote a game

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Highway Games cancels involvement with the T2 Xbox 360 arcade station

Shaggy September 14, 2008 0

After word came around that the “Arcade Station T2” was in fact not being endorsed by Microsoft, we see the dominoes falling fast as Highway Games, the site that was part of the promotion

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The Xbox 360 Arcade Station T2 is legit UPDATED with Microsoft's response

Shaggy August 28, 2008 7

We’ve been looking at the T2 Arcade Station for a while now, it turns an Xbox 360 into a coin-operated device and while there have been questions about it’s legality that had gone unanswered,

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The Xbox Arcade Machine revealed

Shaggy August 4, 2008 6

We have heard of the latest attempt at an Xbox Arcade machine but until now, no one had seen it. Thanks to The Stinger Report, we have a first look at the “T2” arcade

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Xbox 360 kiosks brought to hospitals with pre-loaded games; coin-op version next?

Shaggy May 6, 2008 14

Ever since Microsoft revealed the term “Xbox Live Arcade” along with the concept that has included original content along with remade classic arcade titles, people have thought of bringing the Xbox 360 into the

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Virtual Racer X simulator

Shaggy December 19, 2007 1

While this doesn’t look like the type of unit that was made for an arcade environment, it certainly would make a nice addition to the game room (if you can afford it) By combining

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Asteroids blasting its way to XBLA Wednesday

Shaggy November 27, 2007 0

  (click to enlarge) We don’t mention arcade remakes coming to XBLA that often but I felt that this one is worth mentioning as it’s Asteroids. That’s right, Atari mighty classic makes it way

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