Highway Games cancels involvement with the T2 Xbox 360 arcade station

Shaggy September 14, 2008 0

After word came around that the “Arcade Station T2” was in fact not being endorsed by Microsoft, we see the dominoes falling fast as Highway Games, the site that was part of the promotion of the T2 has pulled their support for the cabinet as they learned that Quasimoto had not secured licensing on the unit. From the Highway Games announcement:

This machine was scheduled for production last month with the first sample to be displayed by Highway Games Japanese partner at the upcoming Jamma Show in Tokyo. However, after the recent press release and announcement through highwaygames.com, we have received a number of calls from insiders to mention that all licensing of the machine has not taken place. Specifically, that whilst Microsoft was involved initially in the development of the controller board, no final authorisation or licensing was signed by Microsoft. Special thanks to The Stinger Report, for exposing flaws in the licensing agreements and further thanks to our industry friends for providing detailed information…

…Highway Games wishes to apologise to our loyal partners. At no time were we aware that licenses were not complete, having been informed since early this year that this project is fully endorsed by Microsoft. We are both upset and frustrated to dedicate so much time and effort in a flawed project and as such, Highway Games reserves the right to seek legal counsel.

It is too bad that this didn’t come to fruition as the idea is good but I believe that unless a company like Microsoft undertakes the effort themselves then you’re never going to see an official unit along these lines.It is also difficult since you would also be dealing with license agreements from other developers who in recent times have begun printing on their discs that the game cannot be used for a public demonstration like this.

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  1. Control September 15, 2008 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    And who was responsible for this incident to stop production, of course Arcade Heroes and the Stinky report ….
    that`s why there are many arcade bussines owner`s that have many of this machines created with consoles, but please dont say that to the media they will screw you up and stop young and adult people to have fun with your creations just because they said is not right and is not legal…
    One down 100 more up…..

  2. Shaggy September 15, 2008 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    Go ahead and blame us all you want but the fact of the matter is that they didn’t create the Xbox 360 or the games going into the machine, they created a cabinet for it that unlicensed clearly violates agreements. If you get this stuff into arcades illegally it will spell trouble for the arcade. Had they gone ahead and released this, Microsoft would have found out eventuallyand before you know it they’d be pulling all the machines back or begin suing everyboady, that would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

    You must not have paid attention to things we’ve said about this – I think it would be great to have something like this in arcades but not at the risk of legal action, please tell me how that is wise and intelligent?

  3. editor September 15, 2008 at 3:26 pm - Reply

    Oh I love this one ‘control’ – talk about trying to avoid the issue.

    Okay, MS has a special division that focuses on the infringement of their IP, and makes a special point of checking to find arcade venues. That is how they found the FragIsle system so quickly, and recently the PlayScape machine, (lets hope they find the machines you are running).

    I love the way that one operator tried to claim that running the machine is legal and dose not need a license, then when he found out he tried to change the subject, only for us to find out he did not have a license to run arcade games anyway and was a fraud – that seems to be the real issue, shining lights on illegal operators.

    Buy who am I kidding, those complaining are the type of cheap and down-beat facility that runs a crappy arcade machines that have illegal grey imported games and dose not care about the legality (or maintenance) of what they do, just that they squeeze out some more cash from the suckers that cross their door. This is the type of business methodology of complaining about publicity of illegal activity.

    You know what ‘control’, your right lets just hide this under the carpet and hope no one notices, or that your site breaks fire code; that will let you make a few more quarters till you go out of business and run to your hole!

    Grow up!

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