Karaoke store upgrades with an arcade

Shaggy March 24, 2010 0

Seems like there is a little uptick in new location news coming around lately and while I’m not entirely sure why that is, either way it’s always a good thing. It’s certainly better than reading about an arcade closing it’s doors.

Today news of a new arcade site comes from the Times-Viriginian about a karaoke store called Sounds Galore that decided to add something new to improve it’s business – arcades. Neither the news article or the companies website really gets into what kind of arcade content was added except for a Pac-Man and a few pinball machines including one from the 70’s. They also added a “360 Live Room” for console gaming, a pool room and a new stage room to round out the entertainment options. So while the arcade may not be the primary aspect here, I think that this serves as a great example of how arcades can be added to many kinds of businesses to help improve revenues or entertainment options. I personally think that any business with a sizable waiting area could work, although you obviously can’t house any large games in these kinds of facilities (such as doctor’s offices where I remember Ed Logg saying in an interview once they knew of an Asteroids being put into a dentist’s office). Of course I think entry into places like this would require more games that take up a smaller footprint, and at the moment we don’t have many of those kinds of games being produced as we used to see so businesses will rely on older games to fill up the space due to both size and price.

You can read more about Sound Galore’s new gaming options by clicking the link and if you live in the area, go in and check it out!

[Sounds Galore Opens New Arcade – WPCVA.com] [Sounds Galore Website] [Discuss on the forums]

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