It's a Boo Bash!

arcadeheaven December 5, 2006 0

Spotted a mysterious new game from Sega on test in Japan. The Google Translation of the page follows (Be warned, the English is not great):

 “It seems that is done from yesterday. As for frame, ‘ with touch ズノー! ‘ With same ones were used.

They are game contents, but using “the stick of magic”, it touches the screen, suppresses the bad ghost. Mode for 1 (200 Yen) with, for 2 people (300 Yen) is 2 types.

It is operation “of the stick of magic”, but the operation which is hit simply in the ghost of the picture. グルグル turning the stick, you accumulate power, collect the ghost and push down “for the sake of it hits! “. Those which the ghost throws are struck back, “it strikes back! “. The steering wheel and the machine etc. of puzzle are turned, “it turns! “. To in addition to, while the ghost is touched, there is the operation which keeps pulling to the other place.

Norm is prepared in each stage. It keeps clearing norm during restriction time. When it clears, divergence of the following stage is expressed and the player can choose. When the game ends, the diagnosis which responds to play contents with “ghost diagnosis” is indicated.

When they are for 2 people, cooperating, the element which keeps clearing norm comes out. Doing the operation which is 1 player, it is the feeling that already the player of one side suppresses the ghost. ワイワリ enjoy it may it was the game with ease as the impression which you saw. To be lovely, it cannot hate either the ghost which appears in the game (really, looking at the ghost which is drawn in the board which has explained the method of playing, the woman that “it is lovely”, was).”

I think they are trying to say it is some kind of touch sreen game where you hit ghosts with a “Magic Wand”. It sounds very different! Can anyone translate the title of the game? The subtitle seems to be “It’s a Boo Bash”


The original Japanese page can be found here

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