Crazy Streets Thrill Drive at the Trocadero

Twisted Supreme January 10, 2007 0

Found another new game down at the Trocadero today. A new one from Konami called Crazy Streets. The basic premise is that it’s a street racing game against other AI controlled cars, with various power ups to pick up whilst racing. From nitros, to speed ups, to parachutes that slow you down. So not all the picks ups are good which is makes things a bit more interesting. There was about a dozen cars to choose from, from pimped out racing cars to lorries, and theres about a dozen tracks to choose from. Cars and tracks are graded on difficulty; easy, medium and hard. It’s not a bad game overall, just plain good fun, only had a quid on me so excuse me for the lack of in depth info. Will try and get a bit more hands on with it at the ATEI.

crazystreets-cabs.JPG  crazystreets-dash2.JPG 

crazystreets-seat.JPG  crazystreetscab.JPG

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