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Twisted Supreme April 25, 2007 0

[In the second posting of our regular new feature] I thought it might be fun to take snaps of all the machines I come across on nights out. This is not to be confused with a venue review, but more of a ‘Can I get a focused picture of the games after I’ve  had a few beers! Feel free to send in your snaps with a few words and I’ll post it up. Who knows, it could be fun and we may even discover a few rarities on the way!

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Palace SuperBowl

img_0999.jpg img_0996.jpg 

img_1003.jpg img_1002.jpg 

img_1000.jpg superbowl.jpg

On offer at this delightful looking bowling alley was not bad considering the size, although a little dated. Virtua Striker was on offer, can’t remember which one. Suffice to say it wasn’t the forth one when they added all the tactic buttons and messed it up. There were two racers to choose from; Le Mans 24 from Sega and Atari’s Rush 2049 which are fairly decent racers, and finally there was Time Crisis 2 from Namco which I would say was the most fun machine on offer, although you can’t beat a bit of 2 player banter on Virtua Striker. Also there were some pool tables, an air hockey table and a Foosball table. Oh, and a bowling alley shockingly!

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