DreamAuthentics Katana: Mini Arcade

MetaFox April 26, 2007 0

DreamAuthentics Katana

Do you want to have the arcade experience in your home, but don’t have the room for a full-sized cabinet? The DreamAuthentics Katana has a built in 17-inch flat display and classic joystick/button controls. It is built around built around a Windows PC with DreamAuthentics’ proprietary software package that includes over 200 arcade classics like Dig Dug and 1942 as well as titles from the Atari 2600. There’s also a jukebox application that mimics the look and flavor of the type you’d find in your neighborhood pub, controlled by authentic buttons on the front.

The Katanas will be available starting in May for $2,495 each. They will also offer personal customization for customers willing to pay a little bit extra.

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