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James Edes' Pinball Collection

MetaFox April 25, 2008 0

The News Tribune did an interesting story on an avid pinball collector named James Edes. He has been playing pinball since he was a little kid, and now he collects them. In his basement

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Sealed Air Foam Prevents Shipping Damage

MetaFox April 18, 2008 0

In the past, Stern used to ship pinball machines in cardboard boxes with more cardboard packed inside in an attempt to keep the machine from moving around during transit. This never worked too well,

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The Midwest Gaming Classic 2008 is this upcoming weekend!

MetaFox March 23, 2008 0

The Midwest Gaming Classic, the largest classic video and arcade game convention in the midwestern United States is coming to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin this upcoming weekend – Saturday, March 29, 2008 and Sunday, March 30,

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Stern Spider-Man is in production

MetaFox May 26, 2007 0

Stern’s Spider-Man Page has gone live, signalling that the game is in production and is ready to ship. As usual, the page contains a lot of material about the game, such as brochures, close

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Stern Issues Spider-Man Press Release

MetaFox May 11, 2007 0

Stern has issued a press release for their upcoming pinball game, Spider-Man. The Press Release also contains new artwork for the game, showing the detailed toys and the decals on the red plastic that

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House of the Dead 4 Special with Motion Cabinet

MetaFox May 10, 2007 5

According to Kotaku, Sega has released a special motion cabinet version of House of the Dead 4 into Japanese and European arcades. The cabinet has two 100 inch XGA projector screens, as well as

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Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Game Announced

MetaFox May 10, 2007 1

According to N-sider, Nintendo’s cult-classic GameBoy Advance game from the makers of Wario Ware, Rhythm Tengoku is coming to the arcades courtesy of Sega. The arcade version will feature the same rhythm mini-games of

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Customized OCC (American Chopper) Pinball auctions for $10,600

MetaFox May 7, 2007 0

The Orange County Choppers pinball is actually a modification of a modification. Mega Golf Ball Frenzy was a modification of Williams’ 1997 ‘No Good Gofers’ by High End Pins. The OCC pinball is a

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Stern Spider-Man Pinball Location Test

MetaFox May 4, 2007 3

Pinball News has a load of new images of Stern’s newest pinball game, Spider-Man, from it’s location test site in the Chicago suburbs. As the game is currently still in development, not all of

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IKEA Game Art

MetaFox May 2, 2007 2

Over at Kotaku, they have game art created by an IKEA employee in West Covina, California using IKEA’s Perler Beads and Pegboards. They are from the Super Mario Bros. series of games, which are

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Stern Spider-Man Pinball Pre-Production Images

MetaFox May 1, 2007 0 has posted the first shots of the cabinet, playfield, and various playfield toys for Stern’s next pinball, Steve Ritchie’s Spider-Man. Steve Ritchie is the designer of many pinball favorites including High Speed and

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Arcade Flyers Archive Expands

MetaFox April 30, 2007 1

The Arcade Flyers Archive now has flyers for pinball games and arcade amusement games, as well as video arcade games. They have already scanned 400 flyers for each of the new archives, with 50

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