Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Game Announced

MetaFox May 10, 2007 1

Rhythm Tengoku cabinet

According to N-sider, Nintendo’s cult-classic GameBoy Advance game from the makers of Wario Ware, Rhythm Tengoku is coming to the arcades courtesy of Sega.

The arcade version will feature the same rhythm mini-games of the GameBoy Advance original. In single-player mode, you have two “lives” with which to get as far as you can in the game. Each stage has five minigames and one remix, like the GBA title. It is not known if the full eight stages will be available in the arcade version. A two-player mode is also available, where both players go up against four stages. At the end of the four stages, the game will tell you how in-sync you were with the other player.

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  1. Shaggy May 10, 2007 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    Sega’s answer to Drum Mania or Percussion Master perhaps? Interesting.

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