Sealed Air Foam Prevents Shipping Damage

MetaFox April 18, 2008 0

In the past, Stern used to ship pinball machines in cardboard boxes with more cardboard packed inside in an attempt to keep the machine from moving around during transit. This never worked too well, as some machines would arrive at their destinations with chips and dents.

In 2004, Stern switched from their previous method of packing, and went with a product created by Sealed Air Corp. The pieces are formed inside the Stern factory by a rapidly expanding foam sandwiched inside the silver liner which is then pressed into moulds inside wooden boxes to form the appropriate shapes to fit the machine.

Packaging World wrote an article about Stern Pinball’s packaging method used when they ship New In Box pinball machines to buyers, and talked with Stern’s Joe Blackwell about explain the company’s needs, the testing involved and the eventual solution.

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