Customized OCC (American Chopper) Pinball auctions for $10,600

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Customized OCC (American Chopper) Pinball

The Orange County Choppers pinball is actually a modification of a modification. Mega Golf Ball Frenzy was a modification of Williams’ 1997 ‘No Good Gofers’ by High End Pins. The OCC pinball is a modification of Mega Golf Ball Frenzy called Ultimate Golf Ball Frenzy, replacing the gophers from Mega Golf Ball Frenzy with Gopher caricatures of the OCC team.

Ultimate Golf Ball Frenzy was produced in a run of 2. One was given to the OCC team on an episode of American Choppers. The other was auctioned off by the EDS on eBay. The auctioned pinball contained signatures of all of the main cast of American Chopper, as well as the PGA Tour pros playing in the EDS Byran Nelson Championship. The final bid on the pinball was $10,600. They also auctioned off a custom EDS Byran Nelson Championship motorcycle by Orange County Choppers. The motorcycle sold for $74,600. To see more pictures, and the final auction prices for yourself, see the auction results.

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