DreamArcades Cabaret model 2.0 now available

Shaggy May 8, 2007 0

Not up to building your own MAME cabinet? As home arcade cabinets that bunch a lot of games into one cabinet are all the rage these days, there are plenty of companies willing to do it for you. One of those is DreamArcades. They have just announced their latest cabaret model which comes with 145 licensed games (with 60 of those games actually being Atari 2600 titles) with the ability to add more on later. You can find popular classic games from Atari, Midway, Digital Leisure, Namco and Capcom, with Midway leading the pack in the overall number of arcade titles (although several of them were originally made by Atari Games, which Midway owns). Overall it looks pretty decent and if you can swallow the price tag of $1799 (plus S&H) then it can be yours.

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