Arcade Card Battlers For The Home?

Twisted Supreme May 17, 2007 0

Kotaku ran a post about about the Dragon Quest Video and brought up a good point about weather or not the technology of the PS3 Eye could be used to support a home version of the Dragon Quest Arcade game. To add to this I would say that Sega’s card games and Taito’s Kings of the Jurassiccould be supported in this way too. Seeing as they use bar-codes the Ps3 camera could read these and then you could play the arcade game at home but with special effects like in Eye Of Judgement (see below). 

[you tube=]

They have already done some of these games on the Nintendo DS……

The Kotaku Post……

“The new Dragon Quest arcadegame from Square-Enix isn’t likely to see much exposure, if any, outside of Japanese arcades as the card-based gaming scene is strongest there. But this trailer, overly dramatic though it may be, makes it look just thrilling to play. With the card-buying revenue stream surely to make greedy executives drool with profit hunger worldwide, I wouldn’t be surprised to the see home-based card readers make their way onto store shelves over the next few years.

What do you think? Would a card-reader for the Wiior EyeToy-based game like Eye of Judgment for the PLAYSTATION 3 catch on?”

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